Fat Girl Problems

I was just invited to go out to a party and was really excited, then I started trying on clothes to wear and the excited feeling slowly started to go away. I felt so self conscious of what I looked like and ended up not going out at all. I hate feeling this self conscious about myself and I think it’s sad how I am no longer comfortable in my skin. It shows that it really is time for a change. I want to be confident and happy in my own skin.


Oh hey look a new blog!

Well, look what it is, another teenager blogging about things that probably seem really irrelevant to you but are super important to me 🙂 who is fucking excited? anyone? just me? Basically, say hello to my blog of cuteness, go on introduce yourself, shake its hand. You better be doing it bro or I’ll cut you. So I’ll just be putting up random stuff I find on the internet and also just talking about problems that I encounter in day to day life. I’m amped.